Saturday, May 27, 2006

Country girls

Katie Rice "inspired". I'm such a scam artist. I can't even rip off well, bah.

my line acts like I do around woman, nervous. Maybe I can get a potion that makes me a suave good artist like in "the nutty professional animator." (The lesser known unreleased Jerry Lewis sequel)

alpha bravo charlie DISCO

Here are a bunch of developmental doodles:

This is a "disco dude". (I dont write this stuff)

ouch thats a piss poor hand. I like drawing a bunch on one page, until ol' fugly hand rears his head.(fugly hand is my drawing pal lately. boo)((a hand with a head? I'm strange.))

Monday, May 08, 2006

WIP painted institutatorium

well here's how I did over the weekend. after showing the line-drawing to Scott, he said it looked like a wooden structure, and he wanted a stone one. A lot of the detail has been killed, so it looks more institutional. I still have some balconies, railings and the front entrance to add. I always passed the gooderham and worts distillery on my GO train ride to school, and the rusty iron brick always made me think the walls were bleeding.

Friday, May 05, 2006

hmm, I havent touched this blog.
Here's some production design I'm doing for my friend Scott Simpson. He wants to do a green screen Live action short, its Tim burton/sin city-esqe. this is the "Institutitorium". Im gonna paint this up over the weekend.