Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Institutatorium- Staircase.

I have re-occurring dreams about staircases.

Here's a "Vertigo" type staircase/foyer for Scott's proposal "Uncle Oscar's experiment" .Scott wanted more of a "shining" treatment for the halls, but given the mortality theme of the piece we thought vertical moves would be more symbolic. I guess scott will have to paint a stairmaster greenscreen green when He goes to shoot the live action. I originally had a garish, almost Christmas green and orange colour scheme, but we toned it down .I used the image>adjust>photo filters dealee in photoshop that Brad showed me.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Cinch" the Usher

he's a wise guy usher for a theatre chain mascot ; here's the brief:

He's a twenty or thirtysomething movie usher turned movie director who after his first feature spends his time solving gift giving scenarios and shilling for the Theatre gift card.
He may still wear the Usher's coat, but it's now open and stylized and Cinch looks like he could be comfortable in the clubs, with a bunch of kids and he could charm the pants off your great aunt.

Thank goodness he's animated, or I'd hate him. (We just got word he's a girl named "the giftster" now, oh well.)Ushers should wear coats still, heck for the price of tickets, they should have tuxedos.