Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hollee, FAKAT's show got of the ground, "My adventures' with Cloe."Congrats!
it's funny, we pitched a show 3 years ago that was visually similar.... To the development FATKAT is doing right now!!

Fatkat's CLOE:


I wanted to have a lighthouse keeper in the light house, and thats airforce one on the wall. notice the baseball diamond doormat, the chrysler building coffee table, Gene i gots tons of ideas that teletoon never wanted from us, so if you want em, lemme know.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A bit of colour slapped on. I just noticed I reversed the joint on he-guy's opposite wrist. Oh well. Theses are just cruddy concepts. Drew will fix them later. Andrew and I have a shampoo/conditioner relationship, I draw my ideas out all eye stinging and soapy, and Drew makes them way shiny, with volume and bounce that lasts all day long! The He-man-alike has a darker face on purpose, to signify the rubber head/plastic body heman had goin on. I used to make skeletor cave hemans rubber face in, and heman would hulkster up while it expanded back out...
SKELATOR:(in his thirties gangster voice) "MYAH! HELP ME, GENE HACK-MAHN!"

Thursday, July 13, 2006

TOY Action Figure Action

Here's some "toys come to life" concepts for a show we may be developing for a client. As a kid, I loved using toys from different sets together in my playtime scenarios. He men were giants to GIjoe ,transformers got divyed up between the good and bad guys, smurfs were innocent lil'buddies to be saved by the thundercats or destroyed by the starscream/gargamel/king kong bundy connection. A lot of Kids today are vidideeots; XBOX has sucked all thier imagination away.

Monday, July 03, 2006


A while back, a rep from toonboom visited us for a show and tell. We found the software was WAAAY too complicated, on par with most 3D packages. Not only that, it costs about 3G per license, compared to $800 for flash. Kind of hard for the little guy to afford..

Production and human resource practices are all mandated by the software, much like a hive mind, or “the matrix” every one logs on, assigns and gets assigned tasks, approvals, and pulls materials and elements. All organized by this one software. In my opinion, Pretty silly to put your whole business’s eggs in one unproven software basket. I know people at MERCURY filmworks who went through Toonboom program bug HELL.

I love flash, it ain't perfect, but it's simple, and cheap, and *I* decided to use it. Maybe if I see a foster's quality product I'll change my tune.