Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ones that got away 2- Wiz Kid

Development trailer created by Copernicus Studios 2003(2?)
"Wayne is an average kid who accidentally receives a high tech USB computer portal generator that allows him to go 'INLINE" (as opposed to 'online') to help himself and others. The only drawback is that silly GATOR and SPAM are always popping up and chasing him around cyberspace when he is trying to solve the problem. "
The producer on this one decided to cut his losses before we really shopped it around, the buzz was that "there's a million shows like that" ah vell, it was fun, the show shoulda just been "the gator and spam show" but kids apparently have to look at themselves when they watch cartoons nowadays. I realize now I totally stole the blacklight poster colour scheme from the futurama when they go to the internet. It works so well for an electronic world.


Blogger Max Ward said...

Thanks for the help on inbetweening and the difference of using top pegs and bottom pegs.

Copernicus studios animates the best flash I have ever seen and makes me excited for the future of flash animation

1:33 PM  

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