Sunday, January 21, 2007

DRAWING for digital animation

The DD Crew hard at work, or hardly working. Fun times, lookit all the smiles.
L to R Joe Alchorn , Jose Pou, Bianca Siercke Darmali Patel.
not pictured because he was getting coffee(?): Brad Cayford.

"Well, I'm back into animation in the New Year, finishing a cartoon started 15 years ago. Paraphrasing that Led Zeppelin song..."Does anyone remember DRAWING?" -GREG DUFFELL from the comments on his timing lecture notes a few months back.

timing notes

layout an' posin' for shorty mcshort shorts,
kickin' it old school with scene folders and peg bars.

f*ck cintiqs. why would you pay 3 grand to SIMULATE 10 cent paper? sure scanning is a pain in the ass but the result is better, isn't it? If you do drawings on 8.5" X 11" you can sheetfeed it into a desktop scanner. Or full size paper with a digital camera, why not?
drawings have a SOUL, viva la pencil!
too bad about the whole tree killing thing, but at least we are making wee ones laugh, unlike the pentagon.

Storyboards are NOT layouts.(on average) THAT'S whats wrong with flash shows. no individuality scene to scene.

P.S>Thanks for the hole punch lend, Marcus Cappelloious III.
P.P.S.> the best storyboard "software" is post-its.It's real world CTRL-Z.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


hey the habbo short we did like a year ago is up. Frankly I find ours embarrassingly bad.We got picked late, we had to rush it.waaah wahh blahdyblahdyblah.
the Elliot and noodle soup ones are pretty cool tho!
the direction on the brief was weird, it was like..
friends meets southpark! adult issues! ...for preteens!
I like the wierd script our buddies darryl and dane wrote. And who's that doing that horribly annoying yosemite sam voice rip off? (that was supposed to be a placeholder voice! yeesh.)

Do you think web savy finnish children like royal tannenbaums? I hope so. It's gots bill murray.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Bandit

Poor Burt, he didn't even get to put his tight pants back on.I bet Jackie Gleason ends up in the river.

totally inspired by Ariel's Pontiac Fire chicken post a few days back, Check out the sketchotronic-idea-beat-master: