Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LEMMY and KEEF as bulls.

the Project was called "Cowtown" and they were supposedly signed on. Cows are girls, development producer dudes. Im sure 'barnyard' and 'home on the range' killed it.
it was a road movie and they were chasing biker black sheep for the essence of rock and it had satan in it. I have some more sketches in a box somewheres.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MC FLATTERY- Design problem

" Flattery is tiny but muscular and is wearing
tight black trousers and nothing else. He has the face of
Eminem, the body of Michael Flatley and the stature of a
leprechaun — but rock hard."
I thought the tight black trow wasn't very hiphop... I always loved the tin drum, that kid looked crazy, his low ears make him look like he's looking down at you all the time...

So I came up with this......

Hi Murray,

We think you did a great job in making a rap star out of Mc Flattery. We were thinking of ways in which he could be more Michael Flately less Rap Star, about 90 % Flately – 10% Eminem, this should be shown in both clothing and his physique (we would love Michael Flately-esque stances for this). We were also looking at Barry McGuigan and Jude Law for reference (see attached pics to assist in these references).

We were thinking black ballet trousers (laced up sides, Flately-esque), much thinner drain pipe legs, permanently straight back which seems to defy gravity when he walks, so looks like top half of body is floating and same for his crew (Flately-esque) a baseball cap with a lucky charms type clover on it, piercing green eyes (both eyes), a broken nose with a cute point at end (Barry McGuigan type), we love the current face shape but wanted him to be more pretty boy so all the women will love him (Jude Law type) BMX glove(s), Tattoos and medallions (Eminem type). We also love the high trousers / belt which Flately wears, could we do something like this for him, possibly with a large MC logo on it? We also think he would look great in some gold buckled shoes (Lucky Charms type).